Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Getting To Know The Basics Of Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments are some of the gaming world’s most watched events. The competition also attracts countless players from all over the country. Many of these are drawn to the games by the challenging play blackjack is known for.

For the novice player, however, a few information on the nature of the competition can come in handy. This will definitely help you in making your game plan.

First of all, you got to know how the tournament is going to be played out. There are several different formats that are used in the tournament scene today. The most common one employed, however, is the elimination blackjack format. As the name implies, players are continuously eliminated from the games as the tournament progresses. The winner is the one left standing in the tables.

The elimination tournament has a set of specific rules determining how a player is eliminated, aside from losing in a round. A player is removed either if he has no more chips to play, has chips below the required betting amount or if he has the lowest number of chips left after a round.

Tournament length also vary greatly between casinos. Often, casinos would hold a one day event which starts in the morning and ends in the early evening, with only a small number of players. Larger tournaments on the other hand, can be played in several days and often have several elimination rounds played within the day. There are also several regional tournaments that can have you city hopping for a month. This one is very exciting as you get to go a sightseeing while competing.

Entering these tournaments is quite easy as you just need to fill up an application form at venue, or in case of online tourneys, fill it up on the online casino site. Registration is also often for free, though in some cases, larger tournaments will ask for a registration fee. This is rather minimal though and is quite affordable.

What you do have to be ready for is the chips that you are going to play with. While most tournaments give out the chips initially at the start of the games, some tournaments require players to buy the chips. The latter adds a rather interesting twist to the competition, as it allows for a larger starting pot. Some tournament formats also combine elements of both systems, providing chips for initial play, at the same time, allowing eliminated players to buy new chips to join the next round. This actually means that players can continue on playing as long as they can buy new chips. This also makes the pot even larger.

Of course, the goal in joining the tourneys is to win prizes. So you must already know by now how the prizes are to be distributed. In most cases, only the top winners are awarded prize money, in the case of winner takes all, only one take takes home the cash. In other formats, all the major winners in the rounds are given cash prizes. For a beginner, you would rather choose the second format, simply because you still get the chance to win some money. The first format is ideal for more experienced players.

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