Monday, January 25, 2010

Managing Online Casino Withdrawal Limits

All online casinos impose limits on how much players can withdraw from the online casino in a specified period of time. It is very likely that at some time players will face the situation where they have won an amount greater than the withdrawal limit. This is an eventuality that players should be prepared for beforehand and should have a plan of action ready. Also they should realize that though they have a problem they are better off winning money than losing it.

In order to be successful playing at an online casino, you need to know how to manage your bankroll and not lose every last penny the first game out. No one appreciates finding themselves flat broke before they can even get started. By being able to manage your online casino withdrawal limits properly, you can show your opponents that you are a serious and good casino game player. It takes time and some hard knocks to learn how to do this and there are advanced casino gamers out there that are still learning this very valuable lesson. Some of it is simply a bit of financial common casino, online gambling
Probably the first thing every player to an online casino needs to do is to keep an eye on the money they have deposited into their account. They also need to learn to only place wagers on games they can afford to play. Online casinos offer most to their most popular casino games in betting denominations so everyone can play regardless of their skill level. It is better to take the bankroll that you are initially starting with and staying down at the lower limit games until you have built up both some skill at the particular game and your bankroll amount. With online casino games, skill is improved as your improve your strategy. You never want to sit at a casino table where the entry fee of the game and the base wager could substantially lesson your bankroll. If you do sit there, you are going to more worried about how much money you could lose and with your concentration somewhere other than on the game, you could get bluffed or miss an important call from your opponents, the croupier, or the dealers.

A good way to practice withdrwal limits– especially if you are new to online casino gambling – is to play for a while on the casinos “free play” side. Here you will be allotted an amount of ‘play money’ to game with. Use this to learn game casino tips and strategy, skills, and how to bet in order to increase the amount of the bankroll you are playing with. By doing this, you will get a good feel for how all of the games work, what your particular skill level is, and how to bet proportionately. Once you have a good grasp of the games and have proven to yourself that you can manage your “play money” bankroll, then move on to the lower limit games on with your real money bankroll.

Another good way to control your bankroll and to manage your money effectively in an online casino is to set yourself personal deposit limits and personal withdrawal aims. A personal deposit limit will dictate how much money you are prepared to upload into your online casino account in any set period of time, this could be a week, a day, or a month. The shorter the period the better. This sum should relate to the amount of money you earn, and how much you have spare. Never play in an online casino with any money except for spare money – if you need it for rent, car payments, food, anything like this it should not see an online casino, or any casino for that matter. Withdrawal aims are a little different.

A personal withdrawal limits aim is what puts you in profit rather than just helping you avoid minus. A personal withdrawal aim is a set percentage of your winnings that you wish to not replay with. That means that this is profit, and a set amount of all of your winnings should be set aside for this type of withdrawal. The percentage will depend on you; some want only 10% whilst others will save 40-60% of their winnings. It's a good idea to have a particular treat for yourself that you would like to spend these winnings on; this will help you avoid the temptation of replaying all your winnings.

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Serinda Swan - Sexy Poker Player

Serinda Swan is an actress and a model and is the face of Absolute poker. She was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, on July 11, 1984. She has residences in both Vancouver and Hawaii, but her career has her constantly on the move. She defines her parents as “hippies,” who named her “Serinda” after a Tibetan musical instrument. She is 5’8,” 119 lbs, has brown hair and green eyes, and her measurements are listed as 34-24-35. She goes by the nickname “Swanita.”

Serinda Swan

Her acting career consists mostly of tv commercials and guest appearances on television shows. In 2006, she did a Milky Way commercial. Since then she has done several commercials for Absolute poker. She has made guest appearances on television shows “Supernatural,” and “Blood Ties.” She had a small part in the 2005 Australian film “Neal ‘n Nikki,” and stars in a made-for-television movie called “Beyond Loch Ness”.

In 2007, her modeling career really took off. She was working as a model for Dorinha Jeans Wear when she beat out 75,000 other contestants to become “the new face of Guess Watches,” propelling her to near super-model status. She will now be prominently featured in a worldwide Guess marketing campaign. You will also see her appear in commercials and promotional videos for Absolute Poker, along with other promotional work she does for the site. She has teamed up with Absolute Poker, to create a new website, which is supposed to launch soon. In 2008, she made the top 10 women of poker joining the ranks of Shannon Elizabeth and Pamela Anderson.

Besides being an actress and a model, she is also a poker player. Although relatively new to the poker world, she has been taking her poker career seriously. Besides being a regular online player, she has attended a “poker boot camp,” and received impromptu lessons from the likes of Mark Seif and Phil Hellmuth. Her game of choice is No-Limit Holdem. She considers her poker game a work in progress, and admits she needs “practice, practice, practice.”

If you would like to play poker with Serinda, she plays online at Absolute Poker. You will usually find her at a $1/$2 No-Limit Hold'em table named “Serinda Swan.” You will be able to chat with her, and she often blogs about her interactions with other players in the game. Absolute Poker has dedicated an area of their players’ lounge to Serinda, where you can read her poker blog, view her photo gallery, and get a free downloadable Serinda Swan poker skin (along with many other free skins.

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