Friday, November 13, 2009

Anna Benson - Sexy Poker Player

Anna Benson was born outside of Atlanta, Georgia, she moved out of her parents' house at the age of sixteen. In 1993, she married a nineteen-year old dentist. Think about that, a nineteen year old dentist. Either this dude is a super genius who decided instead of helping society he would become a dentist or there are some people in Georgia walking around with some fucked up teeth. They divorced a year later but not before she squeezed out his baby.

In 1998, she met then-minor league pitcher Kris Benson. The two began dating and were married in October 1999. They have two children together, that gives her a total of three kids for all you nineteen year old dentists out there.

Anna Benson


The Pirates traded Kris to the Mets and the New York spotlight gave Anna the exposure she needed. She posed for FHM magazine and was named baseball's hottest wife. Her telling interview on the Howard Stern show brought her even more notoriety. She famously quipped that if she ever caught her husband cheating she would "have sex with all members of the Mets organization, including the grounds crew".

World of Poker

An anonymous fan bet that she would win the World Series of Poker, fronted her entry, and challenged her to test her skills with the cards. And did she ever! By entering the 2005 W.S.O.P with just under a month of training, she gained nationwide respect by lasting until the end of the third day. She beat out 1200 other players and shocked the poker professionals that gathered to watch her.

Anna caught the poker playing bug and the poker world will never be the same. Besides occasional tournament play, she has recently moved on to $10-$20 no-limit cash games. Watch out boys… poker is not just a man’s game anymore.

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