Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lacey Jones - Sexy Poker Player

A fifth-generation Texan, Lacey Jones was born in San Antonio in the late 1970s. Her parents divorced when she was just seven years old, and when her father moved to Las Vegas Lacey remained with her younger sister and mother in the Lone Star State. Her mother was battling breast cancer at the time, and worked hard to instill a love of life and a fearless, go-getter attitude in her two young daughters.

Lacey Jones

Lacey continued modeling and playing poker throughout her youth, racking up accomplishments in both arenas. When she was 16, she was offered a job modeling in Hong Kong and Japan but turned it down at the behest of her father. He felt education was more important than pursuing a modeling career at that stage in Lacey's life. Disappointed with the decision at the time, Lacey now admits it was the right move and is happy she continued her schooling.

They were eager to make their union official, and after just six months of dating Heath popped the question. It was December 2007 and Lacey was accompanying Heath on a business trip to the Philippines, where he was acting as representative for a new team fight organization, Ring of Fire. Heath had brought a ring with him and proposed to Lacey in Manila, the capital of the archipelagic nation.


When she starts batting her eyelashes and grinning in your direction, fold your cards and smile back. Underestimating her skills will only result in a depletion of your bankroll.

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