Thursday, February 18, 2010

Layla Kayleigh: Sexy Poker Player

Thanks to her gorgeous figure and exotic looks, Layla Kayleigh is currently one of the most popular poker hotties around. With a mix of African, European and Middle Eastern features, Layla can be found on television, in magazines and even the movies.

Born on January 26th, 1984 in South London, Layla’s birth name was Zara. However, the persuasive young girl convinced her parents to call her Layla in tribute to the Eric Clapton song.

When she was only 12, her mother traveled to the United States to try and gain citizenship for them. Layla chose to stay behind, never telling anyone for fear that social services would pick her up. Living all alone, she managed to make enough money to eat, pay the rent and put herself through school.

When it was announced that Sabina Gadecki would not return to host the sixth season of The World Poker Tour, a call was sent out for the show’s fourth hostess in four years (which also included Courtney Friel and Shana Hiatt).

Layla went through five auditions, but the job was finally offered to her. She was then sent to a poker camp to learn more about the game, an experience which she has described as “intense.” This was not, however, her first experience with the game.

Layla played poker as a child, and she would later be invited to play in and host a 2006 charity tournament sponsored by Stuff magazine. She interviewed Jennifer Tilly at the tournament, and the busty actress would spend the next three hours teaching her the basics of the pro game. Her education would continue at the table, as she found herself seated next to the legendary Johnny Chan. Chan showed her a few tricks, and Layla shocked everyone by making the final table of the event.

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