Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nicky Hilton - Sexy Poker Player

First she’s hanging out at the IHOP at 5am and making citizen arrests and now she’s getting her poker face on at The 7th Annual World Poker Tour Invitational. In the game of poker you’re going to need more than a pretty face to take down the big pots. Well, Nicky has both the beauty and the brains for poker. At the Nicky Hilton & Kevin Connolly New Year's Eve Poker Tournament at Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace. Nicky Hilton played for more than two hours outlasting many of the pros that started the contest.

Nicky Hilton and sister Paris naturally found their way into New York's inner social circle. Magazines such as FHM, Vanity Fair and Vogue noticed the clout the heiresses had and featured photo shoots and interviews of the girls. Socialite extraordinaire, Nicky is flooded in publicity and continues to attend big-time events around the world.

Nicky Hilton

Born into a life of luxury, Nicky Hilton grew up in the rich Waldorf-Astoria with parents Kathy and Rick, and older sister Paris Hilton. Both girls stand to inherit the hundreds of millions of dollars made by great-grandfather Conrad Hilton, who founded the famous Hilton hotels chain. Nicky, like her sister, recognized the need to establish a name for herself that would get away from the "hotel heiress" label.

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